Tannins Water Softener

Enjoy clear water with an Aquatek Tannins Water Softener.

  • Clears Your Water
  • Cleaner Laundry
  • Better on Plumbing
  • Improves Life of Appliances that use Water.

Units are assembled at our location to ensure your unit fits your water needs.

Ease of Use. Time of day backup for power loss. LCD display alternates between time of day, water meter or days until regen and tank in service.

Full Flow Bypass Valve.  Easy to use and allows you to open the bypass for untreated water.

Brine Tanks are manufactured with durable materials with a molded salt grid for uniform brining.

Mineral Tanks are manufactured for quality and high performance with a seamless molding technology.

Benefits of our Softener:

  •  Noryl Plastic Constructed Regenerating Control
  • 5 Year Parts Warranty
  • Excellent Flow Rates
  • Premium Media Grade Softening/Tannins Blended Resin
  • Optional Bypass Assembly

Information to Consider

  • Water picks up a bit of everything it touches, including organic matter.  Tannins is a result of the organic matter your water picked up as it passed through the ground.  The tannins, commonly found decaying vegetation, causes yellow or tan water and, at times, an odor.
  • Hard water contains excessive levels of the minerals calcium and magnesium, a condition found in 85 percent of the United States.  Hard water shortens the life of household plumbing and water-using appliances, makes cleaning and laundering tasks more difficult and gradually decreases the efficiency of water heaters.
  • This unit will soften your water as well as remove the tannins that is in your water.