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by July 20, 2023Blog, Pond Maintenance

As warmer temps are on the rise and it’s finally feeling like summer in Northwest Ohio, we have had an influx of customers calling in and stopping by to ask about products that can help with the algae growth in their pond. Even though we are not pond maintenance experts by trade, we do sell products from Sanco Industries that assist with maintaining healthy and beautiful ponds. The pond care products are FDA approved, effective and safe for all our customers! 

One of our most popular algae control products is Crystal Plex. Crystal Plex is a liquid algaecide that is highly effective for filamentous algae, planktonic algae and chara. The application is simple and you can get the most bang for your buck by using a hand-held sprayer and spraying directly onto the algae mats in the pond. It is advised to only treat about a third of your pond at a time as the Crystal Plex will temporarily deplete the oxygen in your pond. It is also recommended to wait 5-7 days in-between treatments to avoid oxygen depletion.  

In warmer temperatures, you can expect the algae to begin turning brown in just a few short hours and in cooler temperatures you can expect it to brown up within 48 hours. Our customers share with us that Crystal Plex has been a really effective algae treatment. Crystal Plex should not be used if your pond contains sensitive fish such as koi, goldfish, or trout. I will highlight another non-copper-based product below that is safe for those sensitive fish. 

Photo of live green algae and photo of brown dead algae. Photo Courtesy of Pond Champs.

Plex Mate is a great product to use in conjunction with Crystal Plex. Plex Mate is an aquatic-grade surfactant that helps adhere the Crystal Plex to the algae mats. Simply mix a couple of capfuls into your sprayer along with the Crystal Plex. Crystal Plex will still be effective without the Plex Mate, but it’s just one little bonus helping you to get the most out of your Cyrstal Plex. One bottle goes a long way due to the little amount necessary to be effective!  

We also carry a full line of copper sulfate granular products. Copper sulfate is a preferred and effective method of algae control for many of our customers. It is usually cast out on top of thick floating algae mats to break up and kill the thick mats. 

For a non-copper-based algae treatment, Green X is a new peroxide-based application that is excellent for algae control with results visible within 48 hours. It is completely safe for sensitive fish like Koi, goldfish, and trout and is effective on smaller decorative ponds, as well as larger recreation ponds. Our customers have shared with us that it has been very effective for algae control. 

We are by no means experts in pond maintenance, but we do receive questions from our customers about maintaining their ponds. We make it a point each year to have representatives from Sanco Industries and Pond Champs share product information, applications and trends with us so that we can best help our customers with their pond needs. When we don’t know, we simply make contact with the experts that do know so we can get you the information you need to maintain that healthy and beautiful pond!  


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