We have been serving the community, providing water treatment, softening and purification in homes, businesses and industrial establishments since 1952.


Brandon Schindler, current owner, and Bill Fortier, former owner shake hands in front of Aquatek Water Conditioning.

Brandon Schindler, current owner, and Bill Fortier, former owner shake hands in front of Aquatek Water Conditioning.

In 2018, Brandon Schindler purchased Aquatek from Bill Fortier, who had owned and operated the business since 1978. Brandon joined the Aquatek team in 2007, and has served as a Delivery Driver, Installer and Service Technician prior to taking ownership of the business. He enjoys the challenge of trouble-shooting water treatment solutions, often resulting in “doing the impossible.” This has built positive relationships with his customers and a sense of safety and security in their water. He coined the hashtag #TakeControlOfYourWater for Aquatek to inspire customers to be proactive in their water treatment. Customers often comment on Brandon’s knowledge, honesty and trustworthiness. In 2019, his wife Toni joined forces with him in their family business. You will often see Brandon, Toni and their children helping out in the store.

Brandon, born and raised in rural Northwest Ohio, began his water treatment career at a young age. After two years at Adrian College, he yearned to work in a profession where he could use his hands and his mind which landed him in the plumbing trade. After learning on-the-job plumbing and heating at a local company, he had the opportunity to transition his skills into the water treatment field, where he found his passion. Through fortunate mentorship and leadership from skilled water treatment professionals he has worked with, as well as his excellent work ethic, experience and efficiency, Brandon has become an expert of his trade. Throughout his career, he has had the opportunity to deliver product, service and install equipment, execute sales and customer relations, run retail shops and finally become the owner of his own water treatment business.

Aquatek Water Conditioning began in Churubusco, Indiana. The business expanded from Churubusco through residential, commercial and industrial sales and deliveries. As a student, Bill Fortier worked for Cesco Soft Water in Archbold, Ohio, running the regeneration for exchange softener tanks. Additionally, he learned the delivery routes while driving for the company and furthered his knowledge of the water business as he assisted in system repairs and installations.

In 1978, Bill purchased the exchange tank and rental customers for the Archbold, Ohio area from Chemical Engineering Company and began his local franchise of Aquatek as he had delivery routes and customers needing water treatment equipment maintained. Aquatek had existing water dealers in the region at the time; there was a consideration to follow the business plan set forth for Fortier. However, that did not occur and Aquatek Water Conditioning became an independent dealer. As business grew, so did bottled water delivery in the 1980’s.

Bill expanded his business in 1981 when he purchased Servi-Soft, Wauseon, Ohio. Gene Gorsuch had owned and operated his business from 1952-1978. Bill combined the two businesses and located them at 204 East Leggett Street until 2000 when he relocated to 121 East Chestnut Street, Wauseon, Ohio. In 2022, Brandon and Toni moved the business to a new location,7300 State Route 108, Wauseon, OH.