Carbon Filter

Aquatek Water Conditioning believes that good water and healthy living go hand in hand. Water quality has never been more important as consumers become more aware of what is in their water. We encourage our customers to take control of their water by investing in equipment that can provide them with peace of mind and quality of life.

Our Carbon Filter will help to absorb and reduce unwanted contaminants and smells from water. The trapped contaminants are periodically flushed from the tank to a nearby drain. Units will be sized properly based on your home water test, size of home and water usage.

Superior Filtration

Carbon Filtration uses advanced carbon technology to reduce chlorine, sediment and unwanted contaminants from your water supply including PFOA, PFAS and VOC’s.

Reduce Odor

Experience water that is not only pure but also free from any unpleasant odors, leaving your home smelling fresher than ever. Carbon Filtration is effective at reducing the smell of chlorine from the water.

Improved Taste

Because carbon filtration absorbs and reduces unwanted contaminants and chemicals from water such as chlorine, it transforms your water’s taste, making it more enjoyable for drinking, cooking and brewing your favorite beverages. Say goodbye to bottled water and reduces your plastic waste. A carbon filter is a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly alternative.

Chemical Free and Low Maintenance

Carbon Filters are generally easy to install and low maintenance filtration systems. They require no chemicals or salt for regeneration, leaving you with great water and minimal maintenance costs. .

Custom Built and Designed Locally

We custom-build and size each of our carbon filters based on each customer’s water quality, water usage, and specific home needs. The equipment is built in our shop, by our experienced service technicians, and base on the specifications determined from an on-site consultation in which we test water, identify water usage, and any special fixtures.

Long-lasting Performance

Our whole-home carbon filters have a long lifespan, saving you money on replacements while consistently delivering high-quality water.

Aquatek Water Conditioning Carbon Filter


All of our units are assembled by our experienced service technicians in our shop and customized for each home.

  • We install Noryl plastic constructed regenerating control valves.
    • These easy to use valves maintain programming for up to 48 hours following a loss of power.
    • The LCD display alternates between time of day and gallons or days remaining until regeneration.
    • The valves use on-demand metered regeneration with each unit (see photos above).
  • Mineral Tanks are manufactured for quality and high performance with a seamless molding technology.
  • We install full flow bypass values which are easy to use and allows you to open the bypass for untreated water.
  • Units can be used in conjunction with an Aquatek Water Softener or Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System.

NOTE: Additional plumbing considerations must be made if there will be any faucets or spigots piped in before the filter tank.

An Aquatek Carbon Filter can be designed and manufactured to meet special applications.