Putting Your Unit in Bypass


When calling us for service and depending on the issue, you may hear us say to put the unit in bypass. If that is the case, this picture may help explain what it looks like. Your unit may have a different lever but it is the same principal. Bypass simply means that the water will not flow through the unit until a technician arrives to fix the issue.

Image showing how to Bypass a SXT Valve

Buying or Building a Home and Your Water

Water is essential to consider when buying or building a home.  Learn more here Know Your Water When Buying or Building A Home

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Pro Tip: Changing Your Pond Filter

Before changing the pond filter, please turn off your jet pump. And water use while changing the filter can cause air in the line, leading to a no-water situation.

collapsed pond filter


What Chlorine to Use for Your Pond Water Treatment System?

If you have a Pond Water Treatment System, chlorine is important. We recommend NOT using splashless or scented chlorine. The rule of thumb is 1 gallon to 10 gallons of water. We have 12.5% chlorine in stock and it’s what is used when we installed your system. However, if purchasing elsewhere, you’ll more than likely find concentrate – use one bottle of concentrate to 10 gallons of water. Test the water at the test spigot at the end of the system before the carbon filter. The results should land in the purple zone on the test strip. You may have to adjust the chlorine pump depending on the concentrate of chlorine you are using; your test kit will help you make the correct adjustments.
Image stating "Wondering What Chlorine to Use in Your Pond Water Treatment System?"

Turn Off Water When Leaving for Vacation

If you are planning on leaving for the weekend, week or even the winter months, turning off your water will help avoid headaches when returning home. No one wants to come home to an unplanned flood or leak in their home due to a water pipe breaking.Are you in vacation or snowbird mode? Don't forget to turn off your water before leaving!


A Guide to Your Aquatek Water Conditioning Valve Panel

The below image provides an explanation of how to use and understand your Aquatek Water Conditioning Valve Panel.

Green Arrow Faucet flashing=unit will regenerate/backwash soon
Teal Arrow Alternates between the time and gallons or days until regeneration
Yellow Arrow Unscrew to open the panel
White Arrow Hold for immediate regeneration or tap for regeneration that night
Red Arrows After a loss of power and panel is flashing, tap one of the buttons to stop the flashing
A water drop will appear in the lower right corner of the panel when water usage is detected

Understanding Your Aquatek Water Conditioning Valve Panel Image

Will a water softener make my water safe to drink?

The answer depends on what is really being asked. First, a water softener is designed to remove hardness from your water. And, to a certain extent, iron, depending on the water test we perform onsite. Depending on the amount of iron you have, we may suggest an iron filter.
If asking if a softener will take care of bacteria and other organisms, the water would need to be tested by your local health department or an independent lab. Depending on the results, we may suggest a UV light or disinfection system.
Don’t like the taste of your water? That is the job of a Reverse Osmosis system.
Will a water softener make my water safe to drink?

Rotten Egg Smell in Hot Water

If you are experiencing a “rotten egg or sulfur” smell from your water, you’ll want to check to see if the smell is coming from running only your hot water vs. cold water. If the smell is only while running your hot water, you’ll want to check your anode rod in your hot water heater. Not only will an old, rusty anode rod create a smell, you may also notice an orange tint to your water. It’s a good idea to have your water heater inspected or serviced by a plumber if this is an issue.

rotten egg smell in hot water


Does Your Spring Water Really Come From a Spring?

Yes! Our water comes from a certified spring in Fairfield County, Ohio. The water is filtered and ozonated before transport. After it arrives at our supplier, it goes through additional filtering, carbon, and sediment down to one micron. The water is again ozonated before bottling.

In addition, each 5-gallon and 3-gallon water container goes through a disinfection process giving you the safest, cleanest drinking water possible.

does your spring water really come from a spring


Exposed Pond Lines are Subject to Freezing

If you have a pond water treatment system, exposed pond lines are subject to freezing in the winter months and could lead to a costly no-water situation. Click here to find out what you can do to help prevent exposed lines from freezing.

pond water treatment system frozen pond line image


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