“When You Replace One Faucet, You Have to Replace Two”

by November 1, 2021Blog, Carbon Filter, Water Quality, Water Softener, Water Treatment Systems

I was blown away by a customer’s experience with her recently installed water softener and carbon filter. Her first words were “Amazing. My daughter tells EVERYONE about you.” She then went on to explain that her daughter has curly hair, and now that the water is soft, she feels like her curls are absolutely beautiful. 

“My husband and I now say, ‘Why didn’t we do this before, we’ve lived here for six years?’ and ‘If we ever move again, we MUST have a water treatment system.’” 

The main reason for our customer purchasing the water softener stemmed from a bathroom remodel. They noticed a great deal of corrosion and scale build up in the fixtures and plumbing. Recently they had to replace one faucet in a double vanity sink due to corrosion and build up.

“When you have to replace one faucet, you have to replace two so they match,” she noted.

With all of these upgrades, she and her husband decided that they wanted to protect the new fixtures with a water softener. Concerned about the taste and smell of chlorine in their city water, they opted on a carbon filter also.

“I grew up in the country,” she stated, “and we had a water softener that treated the hardness. But I don’t remember the water feeling this good. Our water feels good, and it tastes good too!” 

When asked why she chose Aquatek, she said she found us on Google Maps. “I looked at all of the great reviews you have received, and I liked that you were a local company not too far away. I want to be able to call a company in which a human answers the phone and can help me with my water questions. I also want to be able to trust technicians to come into my home. From the first moment I read the reviews, called your office for an initial appointment, to the sales call and then installation, it’s been a pleasant experience.” 

She noted her surprise that a water softener and carbon filter could have such an impact, even on city water. “Our water wasn’t bad, but we definitely were seeing the hardness build-up. Now we are noticing all the other benefits such as how much easier our shower is to clean, we don’t have to use as much soap, plus our hair feels so nice!” 

To be honest, I had chills during this conversation and responded frequently “Wow, thank you for sharing that. That is exactly what a water softener and a carbon filter should do.”  And the remarkable thing is, all I did was make a simple phone call to ask how her new water treatment systems were working, she provided all of the rest.  

It’s a wonderful feeling to know that the equipment we install, and our team is truly helping our customers take control of their water!


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