“This Water is Hard to Work With” The Benefits of Softened Water

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“This water is hard to work with,” exclaimed our daughter while washing her hair in the shower on our vacation to a cabin in the beautiful Hocking Hills, Ohio area.

She was noticing that her shampoo would not lather, leaving her hair feeling rough, tangled and unsmooth. Soon after, the rest of our family also noticed that no amount of shampoo was going to produce a lather.

When we first arrived, we were all assuming that the bar of hand soap that was provided as a part of our stay was just low quality — it felt dull and did not provide the satisfying soap suds we’ve come to expect. I also personally noticed it when I was washing dishes. I felt like I needed to use half the bottle of dish soap to get soap suds just to feel like our dishes were getting clean.

These are all common signs of hard water. Because our family is in the business of making good water great, we all agreed we needed to take a sample home and test the water to see how hard it was!

The Results

Back at our shop, the cabin’s water hardness test showed 35 grains per gallon (gpg), proving that indeed, this water was “hard to work with!” Industry standard states that any water testing over 10gpg hard would benefit from a water softener.

What is Water Hardness?

Water hardness is a common quality of water found throughout Northwest Ohio and Southwest Michigan. Hard water contains dissolved compounds of calcium and magnesium, and sometimes, other metallic elements. This is what causes mineral deposits on dishes and glassware and can clog up and corrode piping and fixtures. It can also cause extra work to remove soap scum on bathtubs and shower stalls, scale build up in pipes, sinks, tubs, faucets, and appliances.

Treatment for Hard Water

Water softeners are a commonly used and effective technology for treating hardness in water. Softeners work through an ion exchange process using special resin beads that replace magnesium & calcium ions with sodium ions. A rinse process, referred to as backwashing, or regeneration, flushes the salt solution and minerals to a drain and pushes softened water through the home.

The Benefits of Softened Water

In our daughter’s experience, she was used to washing her hair in softened water and expected that she would be able to achieve the same lather at the cabin as when she was in her own home. Hair is one of the most frequent complaints from our customers who are seeking a solution for hardness in their water and one of the biggest benefits from a water softener.

Softened water can reduce the amount of soap and laundry detergent usage by 50% or more. It has other benefits such as keeping appliances running at top efficiency by preventing large amounts of scale from building up. It also allows for lower wash temperatures from hot to cold without a significant change in performance. In essence, it can save you time, energy, and money.

Real Life Experiences

Here are several “real life” experiences our customers have shared with us after they have had a water softener installed.

“Our dishes look better than they ever have!”

“My hair isn’t breaking anymore. I had lost 6 inches from the hard water. I am a platinum blonde. I moved into my boyfriend’s 121-year-old home, had no water treatment equipment. I couldn’t figure out why my hair was breaking, and finally found out it was the water!

“We are appreciating the soft water and watching the mineralization decrease everywhere. We are also getting use to the difference of the feel of the water. Our five-year-old appliances had mineral deposits which caused us to have to replace our dishwasher”

“It’s a little easier on the hair and skin and tastes a little better too!”

“We noticed the difference as soon as it was put in. No sediment is coming through, haven’t had to scrub the shower yet!” 

“Clean, efficient, very easy to fill up. It’s a neat little system!”

“No discoloration in water, in toilets, good to go. Water is good. All he has to do is add salt”

“Gets sudsy when washing hair and feels clean”

“We came from city water where fixtures were corroding. Now we have nice soft water like ‘Hotel Water’. It makes a nice shower!”

“The feel of the water…feels so great when washing my long hair!”

“Itching, skin problems and hair issues have been resolved!”

If your home or business has hard water, you may be saying the same thing as our daughter!

Rest assured, there is a solution for you!  A simple water test and on-site consultation with our water treatment professionals can determine the quality of your water and what type of water treatment will benefit your needs. From there, our professionals with provide you with options that will help you to have the kind of water that you want and deserve.


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