A 2021 Year-End Reflection

by December 28, 2021Blog

Wow. What a year it has been. As we were heading into 2021, we never could have imagined that it was going to be just as, if not more, challenging than 2020. Certainly, Aquatek Water Conditioning has experienced highs and lows, just like all other businesses both small and large.  

We said an unexpected goodbye to Heather Siefker, a faithful and loyal employee, during our busiest season, and at a time in which our industry skyrocketed. Heather’s absence left a huge hole in our hearts, and in our office.  As difficult as it was, an amazing thing happened. Our entire Aquatek team banded together to do our best in not letting the ball drop and to keep our ship moving forward. No questions asked. Team members stepped into new roles, worked through the challenges, and did their best to support each other with one thing in mind – to best serve our customers. Without our customers, we don’t exist. 

In reflection, Brandon and I wanted to do something that had the opportunity to bring joy to others. With the pandemic still lingering and stressors all around, we decided that our Thirteen Days of Giving should go on again in December. As a small business, we sometimes run into people who have never heard of us, even though we’ve been here since 1952. This is true for many other small businesses. Thirteen Days gives us the opportunity to give back to local businesses and people in the communities we serve. 

In October, we asked our Facebook and Instagram followers to nominate their favorite local businesses throughout Fulton, Western Lucas, Wood, Henry, Defiance and Williams County in Ohio, and Lenawee County in Michigan, which are all areas we serve throughout Northwest Ohio and Southern Michigan. We then chose, at random, 13 businesses and purchased two Gift Cards per business, one for the winner, and one for the winner to pay forward. 

While out purchasing these gift cards, Brandon and I got the chance to meet other business owners and employees. We heard about their successes and their struggles. We saw first-hand the efforts of their hard work, their amazing products and tasted their delicious food. We promoted their businesses on our own social media pages. We have even made long-lasting relationships, just because we now know each other exists! 

Better yet, for thirteen days, we saw and heard what hundreds of people would do if they won the gift cards. One of our winners shared with us that she hoped to find two people on the street at random and give them her gift cards. Another gave one to her mom, and her dad, who are both going through hard times. Others are sharing with their siblings, and going on date nights with their spouses. One memorable winner looked me straight in the eye and said “Merry Christmas, thank you” – and I felt it straight to the core – like my heart grew three sizes! 

 2021 Thirteen Days of Giveaways Local Business Winners

Yes, we are passionate about water. But it’s not always about the water, it’s about the people we serve both internally and externally. It’s about our community, and the struggles we are all facing – together.   

We can’t thank our customers enough for sticking by our side this year, and our new customers who have trusted us to provide the best service possible. We are so very grateful for you and look forward to continuing to serve you all in 2022!   


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