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The Benefits of a Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System

by June 20, 2023Blog, Buying or Building a New Home, Reverse Osmosis, Water Quality, Water Treatment Systems

“Everyone should have a reverse osmosis in their home” are frequent words my Water Quality Association Instructor announces nearly every time he discusses membrane technology in one of the courses that I am taking.  Afterall, there are certainly many benefits of a reverse osmosis drinking water system for the home.

A residential reverse osmosis drinking water system offers purified drinking water on demand and is most commonly installed at a kitchen sink and/or refrigerator. They can also be installed to feed other desired locations such as bar sinks and pot fillers. It is often used as a primary source of drinking water, for cooking, and even cleaning. This system is efficient and effective in providing safe, clean, and crystal-clear water. The system can reduce up to 99% of contaminants in your water and offers that extra layer of protection for homes and businesses.

Our technicians install a five-stage filtration system that connects to a separate faucet at your kitchen sink and/or to your refrigerator. We install the units in basements or garages to save valuable storage space underneath the kitchen sink when available, but we will also install it under the sink when that is the best option. The system also includes a holding tank, and oftentimes a booster pump that assists productivity in some situations.

Having clean, safe drinking water on demand at your tap carries many benefits. Water quality has never been more important to consumers as we have become more aware of what is in our water. Many customers report to us that they do not drink their water from their tap. There are many reasons for this, whether someone is using city water, well water, or pond water as their primary drinking water source.

Many do not like the taste or smell of their water, and some are simply concerned from a health standpoint regarding contaminants in their water source. The taste of water is subjective, so to say that a reverse osmosis system is going to improve the taste of someone’s water is not something we guarantee because everyone has a different opinion. But in many cases reducing the taste of chlorine from city water, or the salts and other contaminants from well water will significantly improve taste. The ultimate benefit of the reverse osmosis is the reduction of contaminants in the water which provides peace of mind for customers.

The maintenance on the reverse osmosis is usually very minimal. Generally speaking, we suggest changing the filters once per year. For high volume water users, or low-quality water, filter changes may need to be more frequent. The membrane tends to have a long life and will need to be changed less frequently. We recommend testing the water to understand the efficiency of the membrane. Our technicians will come out and service the reverse osmosis and change filters for our customers. We also carry the filters and parts at our store for our do-it-yourself customers.

Reverse osmosis drinking water systems offer a long-term solution to having quality water on-demand. Our customers appreciate being able to drink their water again and not having to rely on purchasing cases of bottled water, or 5-gallon jugs of water.

Here at Aquatek Water Conditioning, we believe in educating and helping our customers take control of their water. To learn more about our Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System options, send us a message here or give us a call at 419-335-8831.

Toni Schindler is co-owner of Aquatek Water Conditioning. She is a graduate of Miami University is active in the Water Quality Association serving on the Communications Committee, Ethics Task Force and as a Women in Water Mentor. Toni is in the process of completing training to become a Certified Water Specialist (CWS)  through the Water Quality Association.



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