Do Water Softeners Make My Water Safe To Drink?

by March 19, 2021Blog

Do Water Softeners make my water safe to drink?   

This question comes up in our office from time to time, and the answer depends on the actual meaning of the question.   

A water softener’s purpose is to remove hardness from water.

Hard water contains the minerals calcium and magnesium. Hardness can build up in pipes over time, causing decreased water pressure and can also damage appliances. It is the cause of spots on dishes, sink fixtures, scale buildup on showers, tubs, sinks and toilets, and lack of soapy suds.

Water softeners do have the ability to remove ferrous iron from water but not ferric or bacterial iron.

Hardness in water can be determined from a water test that technicians perform onsite, or in our office. Once hardness is determined, the customer can make an informed decision on the benefits of a water softener. If iron concentrates test high, we may recommend adding on an iron filter, which will prevent staining of appliances and clothing.

Neither hardness or iron in a water are harmful to one’s health.    

If the question is will a water softener take care of bacteria and other organisms in waterthis really depends on your water source regardless of if you have a water softener, or not. A water softener is not going to remove the bacteria or other organisms in your water.  We recommend that water be tested by your local health department, or an independent lab. Depending on the results, additional water treatment systems could be added such as an ultraviolet light (UV) or a chlorination system that can make the water safe for drinkingcooking and bathing. 

If taste and/or healthy water is your major concern, a Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a great solution. ROs are effective in removing Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), which are naturally occurring mineral counts in water. Not only will you have immediate access to safe, great tasting drinking water, you will enjoy eliminating the amount of bottled water you purchase, saving you money and hassle over time. 

No more empty water bottles laying around your house to toss, or take to recycling!

Water is an important part of our lives and not all water is created equally.  There are many different water treatment options that fit each of our customers wants and needssometimes that is simply a water softener, other times, it is adding on other pieces of equipment to achieve the desired end result. Our passion is helping you take control of your water! If you have questions on water treatment, comment below! 


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