Pond Filter Element


Pond Filter Element
The pond filter element plays an essential role in a pond or cistern water treatment system. This product filters general debris from the water to protect the water pump and is the main component of the Complete Pond Filter Assembly. The water filter should be changed annually, but high-volume water usage may require the filter to be changed more often.

Product Details:

  • Initial intake filter for all pond or cistern water treatment systems
  • Approximate size: 12” x 16” with an inside diameter of 9”
  • Made in the USA – assembled by Aquatek Water Conditioning
  • Annual filter replacement program is available in the Aquatek service area. Visit the Pond Filter Pre-Pay Program page for details.

About Our Team
Aquatek Water Conditioning is approved by the Ohio Department of Health as a Private Water Systems Contractor. We are proud members of the Water Quality Association and Ohio Water Quality Association and have certified staff members ready to help install, maintain, and service pond/cistern water treatment systems.