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💦We are moving locations! We are tentatively planning to be open for business in our new location

 (7300 State Route 108, Wauseon) on Monday October 10th, 2022.

Our office will be CLOSED on Saturday October 8th, 2022 to allow for the move!

2022 Pond Filter Change Pre-Pay


Manufacturer: Aquatek Water Conditioning

Schedule and pre-pay for your 2022 Pond Filter Change by Friday May 27th, 2022 and save over $100. Your pre-pay will ensure our team comes out and changes your pond filter in June, July or August. The old filter will be left in a box on the property. The $135 price includes one filter change, labor and tax.

If you need more than one pond filter changed, please call the office to discuss scheduling and payment options at 419-335-8831 or email us at

Please Note:

Our team must have access to your pond:

  • A seven foot wide area on the pond bank must be clear for our team to change the filter
  • Need to be able to get through gates, driveways, around fences, etc.
  • Pond filter changes are only available in our service area of Northwestern Ohio and Southeastern Michigan. If you purchase this service, and are out of our service area, we will contact you and refund your money. Call us if you would like to verify first.

Surcharges will be added to:

  • Any filter change that is not pre-paid by May 27th.
  • Sunken Filters*

This is a special price, you will not be invoiced for service.

*Sunken filters will be changed on a schedule route and incur additional fees.