Pond Filter Ball Float Assembly


Pond Filter Ball Float Assembly
The pond filter ball float assembly is used to suspend a Pond Filter Complete in a pond or cistern. This nautical float is a key component of a water treatment system for anyone using a pond or cistern as their primary source of water. The ball float assembly will need to be replaced if it becomes damaged or begins to sink.

Product Details:

  • Used to suspend the Pond Filter Complete
  • Includes the ball, pin and coupling
  • Filter ball can be used with other products requiring a nautical float
  • Approximate size: 34” circumference
  • Made in the USA

About Our Team
Aquatek Water Conditioning is approved by the Ohio Department of Health as a Private Water Systems Contractor. We are proud members of the Water Quality Association and Ohio Water Quality Association and have certified staff members ready to help install, maintain, and service pond/cistern water treatment systems.