Pivoting in 2020

by May 14, 2020Blog

The year 2020 has been an interesting one for us at Aquatek Water Conditioning! We, as so many others, are navigating through uncharted territory as we continue to understand how to safely and effectively serve our customers. COVID-19 has most certainly brought challenges our way, but it has also opened up some opportunities for us to “pivot” the way we do business and to ultimately help our customers continue to Take Control of  Their Water.  Here are a few things we have done:

Curbside Service

In March, we decided to close our store to the public, but offer Curbside Service for our customers.  We will continue to do this until retail restrictions are lifted and we feel it is safe for our customers and employees to be back together again in our store. In the meantime, we hope our customers are enjoying the extra added attention!  Our service and delivery has continued, but with added care.

Pond Seminar “Re-imagined”

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Thursday May 14th we would have been hosting our 4th Annual Pond Seminar. Each year this has grown to be an event that has been valued by pond owners searching for answers on how to maintain a clean, healthy and beautiful pond. Since we weren’t going to be able to have it at our store, we decided we could still host it online through Facebook Live! Our partners at Sanco Industries will present live from Aquatek’s Facebook page and still provide an interactive seminar, answering pond owners questions before, during and after the seminar. Questions can be submitted to us at info@aquatekwater.net or through our Facebook Page.  If you are reading this post after the event, you can still see it here!

Online Ordering

Our newest announcement is that we are launching an online store!  Placing our products online will make it easy for customers to pre-order products to be pick up at the store, be added to a delivery route or even have product shipped. It also adds an extra level of safety for our customers during this time.

Since we are entering into the warmer months, and with the upcoming Pond Seminar, we are starting with our Pond Products and Pond Water Treatment System products. Over the next few weeks, we will be adding additional products to the page. Check it out here!

We are so very grateful for all of the trust our customers have placed in us, especially during this uncertain time. And we are thankful to have the opportunity to continue to serve our community.

We want to hear from you, how have you “pivoted” in 2020?


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