Do Not Mess Up My Hair!

by January 28, 2021Blog

Hair can be an especially important asset for many people. Have you ever heard anyone say, “Do not mess up my hair”? I know I have, and I may be guilty of saying it myself!

Recently, a hair stylist asked me if treating water can help with a person’s hair. By the nature of her work, she can tell when a client does not have treated water. She can tell by the color, and texture of their hair.

The answer is YES, water treatment can help with your hair!

You may have heard us say this before, but not all water is created equally. Your neighbors’ water could be completely different than your water at your home. Some have an issue with iron, which can stain hair and complicate color treatments in hair. Others may have Tannins that can cause a tint in the hair. Others may have hardness in their water, leaving their hair feeling rough and sticky. Even people with city water experience improved satisfaction with their hair with the proper water treatment equipment.

Read more about common water types in Northwest Ohio and Southeastern Michigan here.

Depending on your wants and needs, we will test your water, and then provide you with a recommendation of water treatment equipment to best suit your needs. If hair is your main concern, we will do our best to install a system that helps you with that, but you’ll also enjoy all the other benefits associated with your water treatment!

Allowing a hair stylist to cut, color, and perm your hair takes trust, just as with your water treatment. You can trust us to make sure you have the right equipment to best suit your water wants and needs.



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