CattPlex Pro


CattPlex Pro is a newly formulated aquatic herbicide that controls many submerged, emerged, and floating broadleaf & monocot aquatic plants such as: cattails, paragmites, thistle, water hyacinth, Eurasion Watermilfoil, water lily, Alligator weed, Nightshade, Buttercup, Coontail, Spikerush, American pondweed, etc.

CattPlex Pro is quickly absorbed by foliage and/or plant roots and rapidly translocated to the growing points stopping growth.

This product is for control of vegetation in and around aquatic and noncropland sites.

In still waters, do not use CattPlex Pro-treated water resulting in a concentration greater than 10 ppb for irrigation of newly seeded or newly established plants until residue levels have been shown to be less than or equal to 10 ppb by an acceptable method.*See label for further restrictions.

There are no restrictions on livestock watering, swimming, fishing or domestic use.

CattPlex Pro currently has shipping restrictions in these states: CA, CT, ME, NJ, NY, VT, WA